Race Day: 22nd May 2022

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Race Makers for Attwells Colchester Half Marathon 2022

In May, Colchester Colne Round Table will be hosting its tenth Colchester Half Marathon and the main ingredient necessary to ensure it continues as a great success will be the number of people who volunteer as marshals. Put simply the event can not happen without over 200 Race Marshals.

The first half of the course (the town half) is subject to road closures for certain time periods and this is the responsibility of officials from the council. However, these are potentially busy junctions and so we need to provide a large number of helpers at each road junction to support the council and keep motorists advised with what is happening and how long that particular section will be closed for.

The second section of the course (the country half) does not have any such road closures as these are smaller roads. However they are still regularly used by vehicles and so we need as many helpers as possible to ensure the runners know where they are going and more importantly they remain safe.

Supporting this Great Event

We can not stress how vital it is that we have “safety in numbers” by providing as many marshals on each junction as possible. The time commitment can be varied depending on where you are required on the course but the marshal briefing will be held at 8 am to allow enough time for everyone to get into position before the roads close. Full instructions will be given at this briefing and each section will have a section leader you can contact if you have any problems or queries.

We hope to see you there.

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