Race Day: 25th March 2018

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Here are some frequently asked questions. Click a question to expand the answer. If you can not find an answer to your question please contact us.

You can enter the 2018 Griffin Chapman Colchester Half Marathon by clicking on the following link, http://www.colchesterhalfmarathon.co.uk/enter


We’ve benchmarked our prices against a range of similarly-sized running events across the country and think we offer great value for money.

Race entry cost depends on whether you are a member of UK Athletics Affiliated running club:

£25 – Member of UK Athletics Affiliated Running Club

£27 – Not a member of a UK Athletics Affiliated Running Club

(Although you can’t put a price on that feeling you get when you’ve just completed a half marathon!)

We invest the revenue to stage the event, make it bigger and better for you each year, provide runners with finishers’ packs, medals, etc.

Finally, remember that all our profits go to charity. Last year we gave £60k to Essex Air Ambulance on top of the tens of thousands of pounds that runners raised for their good causes.

Runners must be 17 years old on race day – 25th March 2018 (to comply with our race licence).

You can be assured that entering online is secure.

Your entry details are contained within secure servers and locally within an encrypted, password protected database. No personal data is passed to any third party, and is only used to send out race packs and t-shirts, present results and email all entrants with details of the following year’s event.

Your Credit/Debit card payment is handled by Stripe who are PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant on Data Security Standards.

Sorry, no – we will not be accepting entries on the day.

If you want to support the race on the day then please consider volunteering for the Griffin Chapman Colchester Half Marathon.

Sorry, no – we will not be operating a reserve list.

If you want to support the race on the day then please consider volunteering to be a marshal.

Yes you can. You can transfer your place by following the below link.


Please note that we do not accept transfers once the race entry is closed which is approximately three weeks prior to the event to allow us to prepare the race packs for posting out.

Anyone found to be running under another persons name will be disqualified from the event and their details passed to UK Athletics.

You can check if we have received you entry on this web site. Check Entry lists all entries received and processed by the date shown.

Online entries will be processed within a day or two.

If your entry is not shown within two weeks of submission, please let us know by contacting us and we will investigate further. For online entries we will need the confirmation reference number provided to you by email immediately you have successfully completed the entry, including payment.

If you have not received this confirmation it is most likely your entry has failed at the payment stage and you will need to re-apply.

Yes you can.

You can defer your entry to any other runner by following the below link:


Please note that deferrals are not permitted once race entry is closed which will be three weeks prior to the race date.

Please note any runner found to be taking part using another runners details will be disqualified from the event and all details passed to UK Athletics.

Sorry. It is a condition of entry that there are no refunds for any reason, however all proceeds do go to charity. Read about the charities here.

You can, however, defer. To defer please click here.

The race starts at 9am. Please arrive from 7.30am to allow plenty of time to get into position before the race begins.

The Griffin Chapman Colchester Half Marathon 2018 starts and finishes at the home of Colchester United – Weston Homes Community Stadium. The full course can be found here.

Entry by car is via Axial Way only. Upon arrival you will be directed to parking by the race marshals.


For 2017 we will be improving our parking provision and are currently working on a plan with Essex County Council on the best way to utilize the Park and Ride facilities.

We will update entrants once we have this confirmed


You will note that on your race bib there is a tear off strip. Please remove this strip and add to any baggage you wish to leave in the bagging area. You will need to make sure you still have your race number when you return to collect items.

Please note that the organisers cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage to your property.

There are no gender specific changing rooms, however there is plenty of indoor space for all runners to change.

Please remember to take all your belongings with you after the race.

No and not under any circumstances will you be allowed to wear headphones. If at any point you are seen wearing them (including round your neck) by a marshal you will be reported to the UK Athletics race referees who are within their rights to disqualify you and your time will not count.

The UK Athletics word on all such disqualifications are final and there is no formal procedure for appeal.

As race organisers we take the associated duty of care to all runners very seriously. There will be up to 4,000 runners at the Colchester Half Marathon and we simply can not have people wearing headphones and unable to hear instructions from marshals, the Police and fellow runners.  So we need you to be vigilant throughout the race for your own safety and that of others.

Representatives from UK Athletics will also be vigilant to runners with headphones and they will instantly disqualify any runners found to be wearing headphones.

Spectators are welcome to watch at any point around the course, as long as it is safe to do so. However from experience we know that it is nice to see loved ones cross the finish line, and there is some parking available at the stadium to do this.

The High Street also offers a good place to see the runners with local landmarks in the background.

The Shepherd Public House in Langham is on the race route and will also be open for teas and coffees and they do have limited parking.

Wherever you do watch those participating please take into consideration local residents and make sure you give all the runners a clap or cheer as they pass, it makes a massive difference.

Although the organisers accept no responsibility for any injury, a full medical team from Essex Medics will be in attendance. If you need assistance just contact a marshal and they will arrange for help.

Unfortunately we have been unable to allow wheelchair entries in the Half Marathon due to safety reasons. The route is open to traffic and many sections are very narrow. There would be a significant risk to any wheelchair entrants.

Our rigorous risk assessments would not allow us to accept wheelchair entrants on safety grounds.

There are four water points on the Griffin Chapman Half Marathon route, including one at the end of the race.

The locations are shown on the route map.

Please see below for our approved road closure times below:

    Time ON OFF
  15 Min/Mile
1 United Way / Boxted Road TL 8.55 9.02
2 Boxted Road / Nayland Road / Northern Approach Roundabout SO 8.55 9.03
  Nayland Road / Leech’s Lane SO 8.55 9.06
  Nayland Road / Studd’s Lane SO 8.55 9.06
3 Nayland Road / Mill Road SO 8.55 9.07
  Nayland Road / Un-name Cul-de-sac SO 8.55 9.08
  Nayland Road / Church Farm SO 8.55 9.09
  Nayland Road / Braiswick Lane SO 8.55 9.10
  Nayland Road / Tall Trees SO 8.55 9.12
  One 9.05 9.15
  Mile End Road / Rectory Close SO 9.01 9.17
  Mile End Road/ Groves Close SO 9.01 9.19
  Mile End Road / Bruff Close SO 9.01 9.21
4 North Station Roundabout SO 9.01 9.23
5 Clarendon Way / Westway 133 Roundabout SO 9.01 9.25
6 Cowdray Avenue Roundabout SO 9.01 9.27
  North Station Road / Serpentine Walk SO 9.01 9.29
  Two 9.10 9.30
  North Station Road / Morten Road SO 9.08 9.31
  North Station Road / Victoria Chase SO 9.08 9.32
  North Station Road / Causton Road SO 9.08 9.33
  North Station Road / Middleborough SO 9.08 9.34
7 North Station Road / Middleborough / St Peters Street SO 9.08 9.35
  North Station Road / Northgate Street SO 9.08 9.36
8 North Hill / Head Street / High Street TL 9.10 9.37
  High Street / Stockwell Street SO 9.10 9.38
  High Street / George Street SO 9.10 9.39
  High Street / Denburghs SO 9.10 9.40
  High Street / Long Wyre Street SO 9.10 9.41
9 High Street / Queen Street SO 9.12 9.42
  High Street / Roman Road SO 9.12 9.43
  High Street / Land Lane / Priory Street SO 9.12 9.44
  Three 9.15 9.45
  East Hill / Roseberry Avenue / Guildford Road SO 9.12 9.46
  East Hill / Brook Street SO 9.12 9.47
  East Hill / East Bay SO 9.12 9.49
  East Hill / Grosvenor Place SO 9.12 9.50
10 East Street / A1232 to Old Coach Road TL 9.15 9.51
11 A123 / A1232 Double Roundabout SO 9.15 9.52
  Ipswich Road / Ratcliffe Close SO 9.18 9.50
  Ipswich Road / Compton Road SO 9.18 9.54
  Ipswich Road / Dilbridge Road West 9.18 9.57
  Four SO 9.20 10.00
  Ipswich Road / Valentines Drive SO 9.20 10.02
  Ipswich Road / Goring Road SO 9.20 10.05
  Ipswich Road / Upland Drive SO 9.24 10.07
  Ipswich Road / Friars Close SO 9.24 10.08
  Ipswich Road / No Name SO 9.25 10.11
12 Ipswich Road / Highwood Approach Roundabout SO 9.25 10.13
  Five 9.25 10.15
13 Ipswich Road / Severalls Lane TL 9.25 10.17
14 Severalls Lane / Wyncolls Road TR 9.27 10.21
15 Wyncolls Road / Newcomen Way / The Crescent Roundabout SO 9.30 10.26
  Six 9.30 10.30
16 The Crescent Severails Lane Roundabout TR 9.30 10.34
17 Severails Lane / Axial Way Roundabout SO 9.30 10.38
18 Severalis Lane / Langham Road / Langham Lane TR 9.35 10.41
  Seven 9.35 9.35 10.45
  Eight 9.40 11.00
  Langham Lane / Park Lane SO NRC 11.04
  Langham Lane / Chapel Lane /Moor Road SO NRC 11.08
  Moor Road / School Road / Grayhound Hill / High Street TL NRC 11.12
  Nine 9.45 11.15
  High Street / Chapel Lane / Old Mill Road TR NRC 11.20
  Old Mill Road / Dedham Road TL NRC 11.23
  Dedham Road / Sky Hall Hill SO NRC 11.27
  Ten 9.50 11.30
  Dedham Road / Cooks Hill SO NRC 11.32
  Dedham Road / Cage Lane TR NRC 11.35
  Dedham Road / Carters Hill TL NRC 11.36
  Dedham Road / Boxted Straight Road SO NRC 11.37
  Boxted Straight Road / Windmill Close SO NRC 11.40
  Eleven 9.55 11.45
  Straight Road /Chapel Lane / Mill Road SO NRC 11.47
  Straight Road / Queens Head Road SO NRC 11.51
  Twelve 10.00 12.00
  Straight Road / Langham Lane SO NRC 12.04
  Straight Road / Horkesley Road SO NRC 12.06
  Boxted Straight Road / Accommodation Road / Boxted Road SO NRC 12.09
  Boxted Road / United Way TL NRC 12.13
  Thirteen 10.05 RC 12.15
  Finish 10.08 RC 12.18


Yes, you are welcome to raise money for the charities and good causes that matter to you. The Colchester Half Marathon raises money for charity through the entry fee but we don’t place any restrictions on the charities to want to race for.

We leave it up to you how you go about doing this and good luck with raising as much money as you can!

Each year Colchester Colne Round Table identifies one local charity that will benefit from its fundraising events.

Please see the charities page.

The Griffin Chapman Colchester Half Marathon is organised by the Colchester Colne Round Table – Essex Round Table of the Year.

We mostly have a laugh & contribute in our community and are always looking to welcome new guys into our fold. No requirements; apart from a willingness to get involved and enjoy life.

We meet twice a month, although we always try and squeeze in a cheeky pint when we can. A great way to unwind and forget work for an evening.

18-45? #DoMore and get in touch.

The Griffin Chapman Colchester Half Marathon is also supported by a host of volunteers from local charities, The University of Essex, local businesses and local residents.

There are prizes and trophies for the following categories:

1st/2nd/3rd in

Half Marathon – Male

Half Marathon – Female

Half Marathon – Veteran Male (40 or over)

Half Marathon – Veteran Female (35 or over)

There will also be prizes and trophies for age categories and team prizes.

We have invited Sussex Sport Photography to the official photographer of the Griffin Chapman Colchester Half Marathon.

Competitors can find details of how to get their race photo at www.SussexSportPhotography.com

The Griffin Chapman Colchester Half Marathon will be using electronic chips to provide accurate timing. This will be available after the race.

The full results will be published on our website soon after the finish on race day and by our timing partners.

Under UK Athletics rules, the positions are established solely on ‘gun time’. This is the time from the start gun to crossing the finish line. We also publish chip time. This is the time from you crossing the start line to crossing the finish line, and accurately reflect the time it has taken you to complete the course.

You can check your result after the race by visiting Sports Systems

Race announcer repeatedly communicates “for your safety and those of the marshals, and in agreement with UK Athletics, this event has been postponed until further notice

Stadium marshals communicate race cancellation

Timing company instructed not to call runners

Registration team instructed not to register any further runners

Lead cars withdrawn

Course Manager informed and instructed to deactivate road closures and marshal teams, through their zone leaders

Course Manager directed to bring marshals back to stadium to help communicate with runners

Social media channels activated updating of race cancellation

Cancellation communications, pre written goes out Sunday evening with explanations and informing that race will be re-staged

In consultation with the UK Athletics referee, the Race Director will make the decision to cancel the event.

Circumstances to cancel may include, but are not limited to:

Poor weather conditions

Lack of marshal support

Lack of medical cover

Lack of road closures

Material concerns of safety to participants, marshals and the general public

All runners will be emailed to their addresses they used when registering for the event

Significant social media communications through all our social media channels

Local businesses informed

Bus companies informed

Churches informed

Sponsors briefed

Local press informed, via press releases

All suppliers informed

If you cannot find an answer to your question please contact us.